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Smith Electrochemical Company offers complete anodizing and chem film coating services for aluminum and other metals. We offer a quick turnaround time, so you don't have to wait an unnecessary amount of time to receive the completed product.

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  • Aluminum anodize

  • Chrome anodize

  • Sulfuric anodize

  • Hard anodize

Various types of anodizing:

Chem Film is a treatment used to protect aluminum from corrosion. This is an immersion process that can also be used as a primer or electrical conductivity.

Coat aluminum for corrosion

Anodizing is a corrosion protectant and scratch resistant that can be completely in clear, black, gold, blue, red, or violet. It is a dielectric coating with no electrical conductivity that is mostly used for corrosion resistance, abrasive and wear resistance, and cosmetics.

Create a scratch and corrosion resistant surface

Anodizing and Chem Film Coating