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Precious metal finishes, such as gold and silver, can provide metal parts with an aesthetically pleasing appearance and the protection they need. Smith Electrochemical Company offers complete gold, metal, and tin plating services.

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Silver plating is usually used by electrical contractors due to its electrical conductivity. It acts well as a high temperature lubricant and is corrosion resistant, but this finish does wear easily since it is a soft coating.

Matte and semi-bright silver plating

Smith Electrochemical Company uses 24K gold plating for anti-corrosion, electrical conductivity, aerospace, and decorative purposes. Our 24K gold plating services are only available to commercial companies.

Pure gold plating services

Tin plating is one of the best choices when you are adding a decorative aspect to a metal piece. Silver, gold, and tin all have some protective aspects that are useful in many applications.

Decorative and protective plating

Silver, Gold, and Tin Plating Services

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