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Get the benefits of a copper coating when you come to Smith Electrochemical Company for all your plating needs. We offer the best customer services in the industry, so you always get the finished product you requested.

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Copper is generally used on parts that are difficult to plate, such as: the base in many electrical components and heavy duty gears. Copper helps with abrasion and wear, resistance, and acts as protection against corrosion. Once the copper is hardened it acts as a strong protection for the part.

Protect parts that are hard to plate

Although there are different variations of copper coatings, it is generally an easy coating to machine. The finished product can be buffed to a shiny surface and it acts as a strong electrical conductor. You can choose between immersion copper, acid copper, and cyanide copper coatings for your parts.

Easily machined coating

Copper is an ideal coating to use as a base before a nickel or chrome finish is applied. If your surface has deep scratches that need to be repaired, we will use copper to eliminate those scratches and give the surface a smooth, flawless finish.

Apply as a base or cover up scratches in metal

Copper Plating Services