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Smith Electrochemical Company offer zinc plating services that will improve the aesthetic appeal of all your metal parts. When this process is combined with chromates, phosphates, and dyes it creates a strong base for paint.

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Zinc plating will help metal surfaces more appealing to the eye and it is often used in many types of fasteners. Chromates and sealers can be used to improve its overall resistance.

Change the appearance of metal

Depending on the zinc plating process that is being performed, colored finishes can be applied. Some color choices, include: red, green, blue, gold, and clear.

Multiple color finishes available

Are you looking for a way to make your metal parts corrosion resistant without emptying your pockets? Zinc coating is a cost effective method to get the protection your parts need.

Cost effective solution for corrosion

Prevent Corrosion with Zinc Plating

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