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passivating stainless steel parts

Clean the surface of stainless steel by coming to Smith Electrochemical Company for passivation services. Our third-generation company will provide you with electrochemical services that leave you with high-quality results.

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Passivation has many benefits, including: removing contaminants and resisting corrosion. Your stainless steel materials will last longer and improve their performance.

Protect your stainless steel parts

  • AMS-QQ-P-35

  • ASTM A380

  • ASTM A967

  • Nitric acid or citric acid

Passivation specifications:

The passivation process removes iron and undesirable foreign material from the surface of stainless steel. It allows the steel to become resistant to corrosion.

Remove iron and other contaminants

Passivation Process for Stainless Steel